CBA to compare safety cases on Tideway, Webinar March 13, 16.00 - 17.00


In this webinar we dive into a specific an real decision made on the £4bn tunnel project, Tideway, providing 32 km new major sewers under London. The Tideway leadership team commissioned an investigation into the possible use of precast – as opposed to insitu – linings for the main tunnels, which are over 7m in diameter. This choice is one of the most significant within the ongoing project. CBA was used to reach a clear recommendation regarding the safety cases of the two options.

Chris Wearne, Lean Manager from Jacobs, facilitated the decision and will in this webinar include us in the considerations leading up to the decision and how he supported the team to reach a shared recommendation regarding such an important decision. 


CBA and Inclusion

Decision making is an important process and to get the best outcome it is important to include all competencies. Listen how CBA helps inclusion. 

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